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Georgia's dairy industry has been commercially successful since the 1930s. Today, there are several firms that have a hand in the processing of milk and milk products in Georgia. The dairy industry includes farmers, processors and manufacturers, who provide all the services needed to produce a variety of dairy products, as well as retailers who bring the products directly to consumers.

A total of 268 dairy farms produce 1.34 billion pounds of milk in Georgia. Dairy ranks 8th as an agricultural commodity in Georgia. Over 148 herds in Georgia are enrolled in the Dairy Herd Improvement Program. They average over 21,000 pounds of milk and 300 cows each. While the number of dairy farms in Georgia has declined over the years, the amount of milk per cow has greatly increased. The goal of UGA Extension and the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is to extend lifelong learning about dairy production and management through research-based information.

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UGA-affiliated sites

Dairy On: UGA Dairy Team BlogA blog on dairy research, youth activities and Extension programming.

Dairy Cattle ResourcesUGA Extension research-based information from the department of Animal and Dairy Science.

Commodity Teams at CAESTeams made up of research scientists and extension specialists work together to provide the latest technology and information for efficient, profitable production of some of Georgia's most valuable commodities.

Sustainable Agriculture at UGABrings together information on sustainable agriculture including management intensive grazing and other resources.

UGA Department of Animal and Dairy ScienceLearn more about the animal and dairy science department at the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

External sites

American Dairy Science AssociationProvides leadership in scientific and technical support to sustain and grow the global dairy industry through generation, dissemination, and exchange of information and services.

Georgia Milk Producers, Inc.Features pertinent information for Georgia's dairy producers. Sections include MILC payment program information, weather conditions and forecasts, dairy policy updates, newsletters, exchange quotes, an events calendar, and a classifieds section.

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  • Dairy Research Dairy ResearchUGA scientists determined how evaporative cooling and zinc sources in feed impact lactating dairy cattle.Published: 03/11/21
  • Microbiome Detective Microbiome DetectiveUnderstanding the inner ecosystem of livestock is key to keeping the food supply safe.Published: 02/25/19
  • Northeast District Director Northeast District DirectorUGA Extension's Bobby Smith relies on his farm roots and passion for service to help guide county agents.Published: 08/23/18
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Top Dairy Producers
County Name Value
Burke $49,164,300
Macon 46,432,950
Brooks 34,050,830
Sumter 24,192,000
Morgan 20,790,000
Putnam 15,498,000
Mitchell 13,106,184
Troup 9,180,000
Lee 8,740,320
Jefferson 6,624,000
State Total: $305,971,569

Displaying farm gate values for 2019. Values are tallied in October for the previous year.